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Moved all extended operations/operators from RVM to RJS. Still need to fix the tests...
authorMartin Stoilov <martin@rpasearch.com>
Sun, 21 Aug 2011 05:19:46 +0000 (22:19 -0700)
committerMartin Stoilov <martin@rpasearch.com>
Sun, 21 Aug 2011 05:19:46 +0000 (22:19 -0700)
Moved all extended operations/operators from RVM to RJS. Still need to fix the tests in tests/testmisc, they expect the extended ops to be initialized in RVM, which is not the case anymore.
70 files changed:
rjs/rvmoperator.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperator.c with 68% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperator.h [new file with mode: 0644]
rjs/rvmoperatoradd.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatoradd.c with 86% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatoradd.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatoradd.h with 71% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorand.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorand.c with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorand.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorand.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorbin.c [new file with mode: 0644]
rjs/rvmoperatorbin.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorbin.h with 91% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcast.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcast.c with 64% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcast.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcast.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcat.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcat.c with 92% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcat.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcat.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcmn.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcmn.c with 83% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcmn.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcmn.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcmp.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcmp.c with 83% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorcmp.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorcmp.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatordiv.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatordiv.c with 87% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatordiv.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatordiv.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatoreq.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatoreq.c with 84% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatoreq.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatoreq.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorgreater.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorgreater.c with 85% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorgreater.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorgreater.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorgreatereq.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorgreatereq.c with 85% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorgreatereq.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorgreatereq.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorless.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorless.c with 85% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorless.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorless.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlesseq.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlesseq.c with 85% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlesseq.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlesseq.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlogicand.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlogicand.c with 84% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlogicand.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlogicand.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlogicnot.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlogicnot.c with 67% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlogicnot.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlogicnot.h with 92% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlogicor.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlogicor.c with 84% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlogicor.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlogicor.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlsl.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlsl.c with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlsl.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlsl.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlsr.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlsr.c with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlsr.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlsr.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlsru.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlsru.c with 77% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorlsru.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorlsru.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatormod.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatormod.c with 88% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatormod.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatormod.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatormul.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatormul.c with 87% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatormul.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatormul.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatornot.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatornot.c with 62% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatornot.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatornot.h with 93% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatornoteq.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatornoteq.c with 85% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatornoteq.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatornoteq.h with 79% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatoror.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatoror.c with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatoror.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatoror.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorsub.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorsub.c with 88% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorsub.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorsub.h with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorxor.c [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorxor.c with 82% similarity]
rjs/rvmoperatorxor.h [moved from rvm/rvmoperatorxor.h with 82% similarity]
rvm/rvmoperator.h [deleted file]
rvm/rvmoperatorbin.c [deleted file]