RPA Toolkit
Going back to dynamic strings. No support for static strings for now.
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2011-03-28 Martin Stoilovrharray fixes
2011-03-22 Martin Stoilovadded rule tree dump
2011-03-22 Martin Stoilovbuild loop info
2011-02-17 Martin Stoilovadded data section to codegen
2011-02-15 Martin Stoilovadded string pointer in rvmreg_t
2011-02-08 Martin Stoilovadded pair type to the RVM and fixed EADD tests
2010-11-15 Martin Stoilovadding RPA library to the project
2010-11-08 Martin Stoilovmerge the work on extended ops
2010-08-21 mstoilovwork on the hash
2010-08-19 mstoilovadding hash and list functionality to rlib
2010-07-25 mstoilovchanged the coding style for defined types
2010-07-24 mstoilovdev
2010-07-20 mstoilovdev
2010-07-15 mstoilovdev
2010-07-14 mstoilovdev
2010-07-13 mstoilovdev
2010-07-10 mstoilovdev