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RJS prop access changes... continued.
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2011-07-30 Martin Stoilovfixed the build for macos. Now Linux and MacOS share...
2011-07-30 Martin Stoilovbuild changes for unix systems
2011-07-29 Martin Stoilovbuild for linux modifications - moving towards common...
2011-07-29 Martin Stoilovbuild changes for macos. jrs is still broken - objcopy...
2011-07-28 Martin Stoilovbuild changes for linux/macos
2011-07-28 Martin Stoilovbuild modification on Linux
2011-07-27 Martin Stoilovused types cleaned up... -5
2011-07-26 Martin StoilovAdded build for windows x64. Still broken! Work in...
2011-07-25 Martin Stoilovchanged CFG to BLDCFG, to be the same as non-windows
2011-07-25 Martin Stoilovfixed build warnings for windows.
2011-07-20 Martin Stoilovfixed build error for windows
2011-07-20 Martin Stoilovwork on bitmap operations
2011-07-20 Martin StoilovFixed rpa_stat_scan error handling
2011-07-18 Martin StoilovFixed non-ASCII char output
2011-07-14 Martin StoilovRemoved RMV_ prefix from the opcode display names.
2011-07-13 Martin Stoilovusing standard C types.
2011-07-10 Martin Stoilovadded rgrep makefile for windows.
2011-07-10 Martin StoilovMerge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.crossrain.com...
2011-07-10 Martin Stoilovremoved old Visual Studio project files.
2011-07-10 Martin Stoilovadded rgrep Windows build.
2011-07-06 Martin Stoilovdocumentation changes.
2011-07-04 Martin Stoilovadded copyright headers
2011-07-01 Martin StoilovAdded build for MacOS X.
2011-06-29 Martin Stoilovchanged the include structure of the build system.
2011-06-28 Martin Stoilovadded build support for linux-i386
2011-06-22 Martin Stoilovmodified the RPA error definitions.
2011-06-14 Martin Stoilovrenamed rint->rinteger. modified the PHP ext build.
2011-06-03 Martin StoilovRefined the rpastat_t public interface. Added more...
2011-05-25 Martin StoilovRefined rpa_records_* interface.
2011-05-24 Martin StoilovUse external array to write the parse records. Added...
2011-05-23 Martin StoilovImplementing recursive RPA records copilation (Similar...
2011-05-19 Martin StoilovAdded more documentation files. Added rpastatpriv.h...
2011-05-18 Martin StoilovWork on the documentation. Some public rpadbex_t API...
2011-05-16 Martin Stoilovrenamed rpa2 to rpa
2011-05-02 Martin Stoilovbroken recordset when cache is enabled.
2011-04-29 Martin Stoilovadded 'clean' target to rgrep. Moved the <ExpressionSta...
2011-04-28 Martin StoilovStart reusing orphan records, instead of just generatin...
2011-04-28 Martin Stoilovadded --dump-alias. Work on the RJS.
2011-04-25 Martin StoilovAdded RJS to the project. Reduced the size of the rpare...
2011-04-25 Martin Stoilovadded support to dissable optimizations from rgrep
2011-04-25 Martin StoilovOptimize singleton orop to cls
2011-04-24 Martin Stoilovadded optimization to reduce the size of the garbage...
2011-04-20 Martin StoilovImproved error reporting
2011-04-19 Martin Stoilovadded match (location,length) for the parser output
2011-04-17 Martin Stoilovwork on loopy rules compiler - 3 (implemented indirect...
2011-04-10 Martin Stoilovstart using the CURRENT RECORD, get rid of getcurrec...
2011-04-05 Martin Stoilovwork on the cache subsystem, found out the indirect...
2011-04-04 Martin Stoilovwork on loop detection
2011-03-31 Martin Stoilovadded or, cls, range to the dbex compiler
2011-03-30 Martin Stoilovadded rule ref compiler handlers
2011-03-29 Martin Stoilovuse rsize_t in arrays
2011-03-28 Martin Stoilovwork on dbex rule compilation
2011-03-28 Martin Stoilovadded a few compilation handlers
2011-03-25 Martin Stoilovmove rpa2 to mainstream, rgrep modified to use rpa2
2011-01-25 Martin Stoilovchanged the callback parameters and added look ahead...
2011-01-25 Martin Stoilovadded stat handle to the callbacks
2011-01-24 Martin Stoilovchanged the output for matched callbacks.
2011-01-17 Martin Stoilovadded state information for optimized compilation and...
2010-11-29 Martin Stoilovadded better help info and fixed wcscmp parameters
2010-11-22 Martin Stoilovupdated rpagrep
2010-11-21 Martin Stoilovadding rgrep to the project