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work on RJS object introspection.
[rpatk.git] / rjs / rjscompiler.h
2011-08-03 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS object introspection.
2011-07-27 Martin Stoilovused types cleaned up... -5
2011-07-13 Martin Stoilovusing standard C types.
2011-07-04 Martin Stoilovadded copyright headers
2011-06-29 Martin Stoilovchanged the include structure of the build system.
2011-06-14 Martin Stoilovrenamed rint->rinteger. modified the PHP ext build.
2011-05-27 Martin StoilovWork on static strings.
2011-05-26 Martin StoilovFixed empty strings. Added RJS_SWI_ABORT macro.
2011-05-26 Martin StoilovFixed SYNTAX_ERROR reporting. Added a few string operat...
2011-05-24 Martin StoilovUse external array to write the parse records. Added...
2011-05-16 Martin Stoilovwork on the RJS code segments
2011-05-15 Martin Stoilovreverted back to the original function declaration...
2011-05-15 Martin StoilovChanged the function declaration implementation.
2011-05-13 Martin StoilovWork on the RJS error handlers.
2011-05-12 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS compile time errors
2011-05-11 Martin StoilovAdded break, continue implementation to RJS.
2011-05-10 Martin StoilovFixed the broken rvm_scope_t class. Implemented this...
2011-05-08 Martin Stoilovwork on the for iteration implementation - still broken
2011-05-06 Martin StoilovAdded if statement compilation to RJS.
2011-05-05 Martin Stoilovadd RJS function calls.
2011-05-01 Martin Stoilovwork on assignment operations
2011-05-01 Martin Stoilovwork on var allocation
2011-04-29 Martin StoilovWork on RJS expression compilation.
2011-04-29 Martin StoilovWork on the RJS engine - refined recursive compilation...
2011-04-28 Martin Stoilovadded --dump-alias. Work on the RJS.
2011-04-27 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS. Fixed inlined rules compilation(ref shadow...