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2021-09-30 Martin StoilovRemoved /Zp1 option for the windows build
2020-03-04 Martin StoilovFixed build errors for windows.
2020-03-04 Martin StoilovRemoved rjs. Major code cleanup.
2020-02-14 Martin StoilovReworked the build system for linux.
2020-02-10 Martin StoilovReworked the build system for linux. build
2020-02-10 Martin StoilovReworked the build system for linux.
2020-02-10 Martin StoilovReworked the build system for linux.
2020-02-05 Martin StoilovMake rexregex_t type inherit from robject_t.
2012-10-11 Martin StoilovAdded support for installing to alternative location.
2012-10-10 Martin StoilovUsing GCC atomic operations.
2012-10-10 Martin StoilovAdded support for ARM architecture.
2012-02-22 Martin StoilovAdded rexgrep to Windows build
2012-02-19 Martin StoilovUpdated the license header.
2012-02-19 Martin StoilovUpdated the license header.
2012-02-16 Martin StoilovChanged -O3 to -O2
2012-01-25 Martin Stoilovbroken REX -> work on fragment operations.
2012-01-17 Martin StoilovWork on state subset system.
2012-01-11 Martin Stoilovwork on rexgrep
2012-01-10 Martin Stoilovwork on rexgrep
2011-10-18 Martin Stoilovfixed array sort macro
2011-10-17 Martin Stoilovadded r_array_sort
2011-09-06 Martin Stoilovrefining the left recursion rparecord_t AST generation
2011-09-02 Martin StoilovBuild system cleanup...
2011-08-27 Martin Stoilovadded common build config file for the unix build system.
2011-08-27 Martin StoilovWork on RJS implementation ...
2011-08-07 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS object system
2011-08-06 Martin Stoilovchanged the return value to unsinged long for rcarray_t.
2011-08-03 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS object introspection.
2011-07-30 Martin Stoilovbuild changes for unix systems
2011-07-29 Martin Stoilovbuild for linux modifications - moving towards common...
2011-07-29 Martin Stoilovbuild changes for macos. jrs is still broken - objcopy...
2011-07-28 Martin Stoilovbuild changes for linux/macos
2011-07-28 Martin Stoilovbuild modification on Linux
2011-07-27 Martin Stoilovused types cleaned up... -5
2011-07-27 Martin Stoilovused types cleaned up... -4
2011-07-27 Martin Stoilovused types cleaned up... - 3
2011-07-27 Martin Stoilovused types cleaned up...
2011-07-26 Martin StoilovAdded build for windows x64. Still broken! Work in...
2011-07-25 Martin Stoilovchanged CFG to BLDCFG, to be the same as non-windows
2011-07-25 Martin Stoilovfixed build warnings for windows.
2011-07-13 Martin Stoilovusing standard C types.
2011-07-12 Martin Stoilovmodified the windows build
2011-07-10 Martin StoilovWork on the synchronization functions.
2011-07-10 Martin Stoilovadded rgrep Windows build.
2011-07-07 Martin Stoilovchanged some of the build options for windows
2011-07-07 Martin Stoilovwork on windows build
2011-07-04 Martin Stoilovadded copyright headers
2011-07-01 Martin StoilovAdded build for MacOS X.
2011-07-01 Martin StoilovBuild system fixes.
2011-06-30 Martin Stoilovmodified the build/install system. Add doc examples.
2011-06-29 Martin Stoilovchanged the include structure of the build system.
2011-06-28 Martin Stoilovadded build support for linux-i386
2011-06-14 Martin Stoilovwork on the PHP extension.
2011-06-14 Martin Stoilovrenamed rint->rinteger. modified the PHP ext build.
2011-06-10 Martin StoilovAdded support for GC managed keys in rmap_t. Removed...
2011-06-09 Martin Stoilovadded long, double key support for the rmap_t.
2011-06-09 Martin Stoilovwork on rmap_t - 3
2011-06-08 Martin Stoilovwork on rmap_t
2011-06-06 Martin StoilovWork on rmap_t - 2
2011-06-06 Martin StoilovWork on rmap_t
2011-06-06 Martin Stoilovrenamed hasharray to map. added support for delete...
2011-06-06 Martin StoilovWork on a new hash array implementation.
2011-05-26 Martin StoilovRefined the public interfaces.
2011-05-26 Martin StoilovFixed empty string creation
2011-05-14 Martin StoilovWork on RJS interaction with C program.
2011-05-12 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS compile time errors
2011-05-10 Martin StoilovFixed the broken rvm_scope_t class. Implemented this...
2011-04-04 Martin Stoilovwork on loop detection
2011-04-01 Martin Stoilovadded minus op and record tree reordering
2011-03-30 Martin Stoilovadded rule ref compiler handlers
2011-03-29 Martin Stoilovwork on different encodings
2011-03-29 Martin Stoilovuse rsize_t in arrays
2011-03-28 Martin Stoilovadded a few harray defenitions
2011-03-28 Martin Stoilovrharray fixes
2011-03-24 Martin Stoilovwork on the dbex
2011-02-17 Martin Stoilovadded data section to codegen
2011-02-16 Martin Stoilovwork on the relocation mechanism
2011-02-09 Martin Stoilovwork on RVM based regex matching
2011-02-07 Martin Stoilovwork on AST
2011-02-04 Martin StoilovWork on the astnode and astval...continued, added rast...
2011-01-28 Martin Stoilovimplemented this pointer.
2011-01-21 Martin Stoilovadded jsobject
2011-01-21 Martin Stoilovadded jsobject
2011-01-20 Martin Stoilovadded KEYLOOKUP and KEYADD
2011-01-20 Martin Stoilovrharray_t uses rcarray_t for storing the members
2011-01-20 Martin Stoilovadded string concatination for long and double
2011-01-19 Martin Stoilovimplemented break and continue, also added string conca...
2011-01-17 Martin Stoilovadded state information for optimized compilation and...
2011-01-02 Martin Stoilovadded r_stringncmp function
2010-12-29 Martin Stoilovmerge the BNF branch to trunk.
2010-12-02 Martin Stoilovstarted the garbage collection work
2010-11-30 Martin Stoilovadded + in the makefile rules to speed up the compile...
2010-11-26 Martin Stoilovadded RVM_ALLOCSTR and RVM_CLR instructions
2010-11-23 Martin Stoilovdebug memory allocation only when doing debug build
2010-11-21 Martin Stoilovfixed parsing left recursion problem
2010-11-17 Martin Stoilovwork on the rpagen test
2010-11-17 Martin StoilovFix the build CFLAGS
2010-11-17 Martin Stoilovstart using rlib in rpa
2010-11-10 Martin Stoilovwork on extended add RVM_EADD
2010-11-05 Martin Stoilovadded refreg datatype to handle assignment by value...