RPA Toolkit
Modified documentation and exaples. Removed RPA_RECORD_INVALID_UID.
[rpatk.git] / rpa / rparecord.h
2011-07-02 Martin StoilovModified documentation and exaples. Removed RPA_RECORD_...
2011-07-02 Martin Stoilovadded rule id, input offset to the rparecord_t structure.
2011-06-29 Martin Stoilovchanged the include structure of the build system.
2011-06-27 Martin Stoilovcode cleanup, added more docs
2011-06-18 Martin Stoilovremoved RPA_RECORD_MATCH
2011-06-14 Martin Stoilovrenamed rint->rinteger. modified the PHP ext build.
2011-05-25 Martin StoilovRefined rpa_records_* interface.
2011-05-24 Martin StoilovUse external array to write the parse records. Added...
2011-05-19 Martin StoilovAdded more documentation files. Added rpastatpriv.h...
2011-05-16 Martin Stoilovrenamed rpa2 to rpa