RPA Toolkit
Moving away from RPA_BXL... 5
[rpatk.git] / rpa2 / rpavm.c
2011-04-06 Martin StoilovMoving away from RPA_BXL... 5
2011-04-06 Martin StoilovMoving away from RPA_BXL... 4
2011-04-06 Martin Stoilovbetter RPA expression deffinitions (cleaned up code)
2011-04-06 Martin Stoilovwork on the new loop detection
2011-04-05 Martin Stoilovwork on the cache subsystem, found out the indirect...
2011-04-05 Martin Stoilovchanged the cache invalidate logic
2011-03-30 Martin Stoilovadded char class compilation, fixed special char matchi...
2011-03-29 Martin Stoilovwork on different encodings
2011-03-28 Martin Stoilovchanged the swi interface, mostly search/replace
2011-03-26 Martin Stoilovadded rpa multiple push ops
2011-03-17 Martin Stoilovadded rule userid
2011-03-14 Martin Stoilovadded BXLNAN, BXLOPT, BXLMUL, BXLMOP
2011-03-11 Martin Stoilovadded more terminals to the parser
2011-03-09 Martin Stoilovwork on cache system 2
2011-03-08 Martin Stoilovwork on cache system
2011-03-07 Martin Stoilovwork on loops
2011-03-07 Martin Stoilovadded loopy/nonloopy branches
2011-03-06 Martin Stoilovfixed the RPA2 left recursion(loop)
2011-03-06 Martin Stoilovwork on loop implementation
2011-03-03 Martin Stoilovadded rpa_compiler_loop_begin/rpa_compiler_loop_end
2011-03-02 Martin Stoilovstart the work on left recursion/loop detection
2011-03-01 Martin Stoilovrecord stack rollback when a rule doesn't match.
2011-02-28 Martin Stoilovwork on RPA2 CLASS, NOT, MINUS expressions
2011-02-22 Martin Stoilovwork on RVM based parser - RPA2