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2011-02-04 Martin StoilovWork on the astnode and astval...continued, added rast...
2011-02-04 Martin StoilovWork on the astnode and astval...continued, added rast...
2011-01-31 Martin Stoilovwork on the switch statement default clause
2001-01-31 Martin Stoilovwork on the switch statement
2011-01-31 Martin Stoilovstarted work on switch statement
2011-01-30 Martin Stoilovimplemented function declarations
2011-01-28 Martin Stoilovimplemented this pointer.
2011-01-28 Martin Stoilovwork on defining this pointer usage
2011-01-27 Martin Stoilovimplemented java script objects
2011-01-26 Martin Stoilovwork on new object
2011-01-26 Martin Stoilovwork on member expresion
2011-01-26 Martin Stoilovwork on cb lookahead
2011-01-25 Martin Stoilovchanged the callback parameters and added look ahead...
2011-01-25 Martin Stoilovadded stat handle to the callbacks
2011-01-24 Martin Stoilovwork on member expressions
2011-01-24 Martin Stoilovwork on js object implementation
2011-01-23 Martin Stoilovfixed array element access
2011-01-23 Martin Stoilovfixed function declaration
2011-01-21 Martin Stoilovimplemented jsobject operations
2011-01-21 Martin Stoilovadded jsobject
2011-01-21 Martin Stoilovadded jsobject
2011-01-21 Martin Stoilovimplemented data types UNDEF and NAN
2011-01-20 Martin Stoilovadded KEYLOOKUP and KEYADD
2011-01-20 Martin Stoilovrharray_t uses rcarray_t for storing the members
2011-01-19 Martin Stoilovimplemented break and continue, also added string conca...
2011-01-19 Martin Stoilovimplemented for loop, started implementation of break...
2011-01-18 Martin Stoilovcheck stack usage
2011-01-18 Martin Stoilovimplemented conditional expressions and fixes
2011-01-18 Martin Stoilovimplemented conditional expressions
2011-01-17 Martin Stoilovwork on conditional expressions
2011-01-17 Martin Stoilovimplemented while() loop
2011-01-17 Martin Stoilovadded state information for optimized compilation and...
2011-01-05 Martin Stoilovfixed the do...while loop
2011-01-03 Martin Stoilovimplemented more compiler optimizations and postfix...
2011-01-02 Martin Stoilovwork on the BNF and implementation
2010-12-30 Martin Stoilovadded cmd switches for the rpagen-test
2010-12-29 Martin Stoilovadded suport for if/if else
2010-12-29 Martin Stoilovmerge the BNF branch to trunk.
2010-12-01 Martin Stoilovwork on the alloc/dealloc system
2010-12-01 Martin Stoilovadded RVM_REF instruction although not sure if I am...
2010-11-30 Martin Stoilovadded + in the makefile rules to speed up the compile...
2010-11-30 Martin Stoilovnothing significant
2010-11-27 Martin Stoilovdisable execution cache for operators MUNUS and NOT...
2010-11-26 Martin Stoilovadded RVM_ALLOCSTR and RVM_CLR instructions
2010-11-25 Martin Stoilovadded optimization to use a local variable pLoop
2010-11-23 Martin Stoilovadded fake cbset record to avoid cache trashing for...
2010-11-21 Martin Stoilovfixed parsing left recursion problem
2010-11-20 Martin Stoilovwork on rpagen test
2010-11-17 Martin Stoilovwork on rpagen
2010-11-17 Martin Stoilovwork on the rpagen test
2010-11-17 Martin Stoilovadding rvm_compiler_t to the rpagen test
2010-11-17 Martin StoilovFix the build CFLAGS
2010-11-17 Martin Stoilovstart using rlib in rpa
2010-11-16 Martin Stoilovadded rpagen-test
2010-11-15 Martin Stoilovadding calc test
2010-11-15 Martin Stoilovadding RPA library to the project
2010-11-15 Martin Stoilovextended op tests work
2010-11-14 Martin Stoilovecmp tests and bug fixes
2010-11-14 Martin Stoilovwork on tests for extended operations
2010-11-13 Martin Stoilovwork on extended operations
2010-11-11 Martin Stoilovadded esub test
2010-11-10 Martin Stoilovwork on extended add RVM_EADD
2010-11-09 Martin Stoilovchanged the SWI encoding
2010-11-08 Martin Stoilovmerge the work on extended ops
2010-11-08 Martin Stoilovdisplay the size of the asmins
2010-11-05 Martin Stoilovadded refreg datatype to handle assignment by value...
2010-10-31 Martin Stoilovrenamed some of the rhash public APIs
2010-10-31 Martin Stoilovrharray interface improvements
2010-10-30 Martin Stoilovcleaning up the hash array interface (work in progress)
2010-10-30 Martin Stoilovrenamed function taking null terminated string argument...
2010-10-09 mstoilovrenamed
2010-10-09 mstoilovrenamed
2010-10-09 mstoilovdev
2010-10-09 mstoilovdev
2010-10-08 mstoilovdev
2010-10-08 mstoilovdev
2010-10-07 mstoilovdev
2010-10-07 mstoilovdev
2010-10-07 mstoilovrenamed some str functions
2010-10-07 mstoilovdev
2010-10-06 mstoilovdev
2010-10-02 mstoilovdev
2010-10-02 mstoilovdev
2010-10-01 mstoilovdev
2010-09-30 mstoilovdev
2010-09-28 mstoilovdev
2010-09-28 mstoilovdev
2010-09-27 mstoilovdev
2010-09-26 mstoilovdev
2010-09-25 mstoilovdev
2010-09-25 mstoilovdev
2010-09-23 mstoilovdev
2010-09-22 mstoilovdev
2010-09-21 mstoilovdev
2010-09-13 mstoilovdev
2010-09-12 mstoilovdev
2010-09-12 mstoilovdev
2010-09-09 mstoilovdev
2010-09-08 mstoilovadded a test
2010-09-08 mstoilovfixed sts/lds, added tests