RPA Toolkit
2012-02-15 Martin StoilovWork on support for number of occurrences - improvements.
2012-02-15 Martin StoilovWork on support for number of occurrences.
2012-02-15 Martin StoilovAdded support for number of occurrences
2012-02-14 Martin Stoilovdev
2012-02-14 Martin Stoilovwork on rexcc
2012-02-13 Martin Stoilovwork on rexcc
2012-02-11 Martin Stoilovwork on rexcc. regex parsing improvements.
2012-02-10 Martin StoilovWork on rexcc. Better support for rexdfa_t generation...
2012-02-09 Martin Stoilovadded support for line concatination.
2012-02-08 Martin StoilovDefined rexuword_t type.
2012-02-07 Martin StoilovDon't need to initialize 'inc'
2012-02-07 Martin Stoilovremove 'min -= (min > 0) ? 1 : 0;' check. The state...
2012-02-07 Martin StoilovChanged the command line options for rexgrep. Use norma...
2012-02-06 Martin StoilovDFA comilation optimizations.
2012-02-04 Martin StoilovAdded support for binary serialization of DFA
2012-02-03 Martin Stoilovadded rexuint_t type
2012-02-03 Martin StoilovAdded macros for traversing rexdfa_t.
2012-02-02 Martin Stoilovwork on rexcc
2012-02-02 Martin StoilovWork on rexdfa_t matching. Replaced rexdb_t DFA with...
2012-02-02 Martin StoilovInitial checkin
2012-02-01 Martin Stoilovadded subset information.
2012-02-01 Martin Stoilovwork on rexdfa_t (compact DFA).
2012-01-31 Martin Stoilovdev
2012-01-29 Martin Stoilovadd nfa to dfa conversion
2012-01-28 Martin StoilovAdded support for install/uninstall rexgrep.
2012-01-27 Martin StoilovAdded DFA simulator.
2012-01-26 Martin StoilovRedefine rex_accept_t. It will be used in DFA simulatio...
2012-01-26 Martin StoilovRenamed rgrep to rpagrep
2012-01-25 Martin StoilovFixed broken dangling fragments
2012-01-25 Martin Stoilovbroken REX -> work on fragment operations.
2012-01-24 Martin StoilovFixed looping state transitions DFA compilation problem.
2012-01-23 Martin StoilovNFA compilation uses creates a single state per input...
2012-01-23 Martin StoilovReplaced the state UIDs to rexstate_t pointers in the...
2012-01-21 Martin Stoilovadded script for generating large RegEx
2012-01-21 Martin StoilovReverted
2012-01-21 Martin Stoilovdev
2012-01-20 Martin Stoilovadded hash lookup in the DFA compilation
2012-01-19 Martin StoilovAdded NFA/DFA optimizations.
2012-01-19 Martin StoilovDFA compilation
2012-01-19 Martin Stoilovremoved all single transition related API
2012-01-19 Martin Stoilovrefactoring rex transition entries
2012-01-19 Martin StoilovRemoved REX_TRANSITION_RANGE
2012-01-18 Martin Stoilovwork on DFA conversion
2012-01-18 Martin Stoilovwork on rex
2012-01-17 Martin StoilovAdded support for numeric ranges
2012-01-17 Martin StoilovWork on state subset system.
2012-01-14 Martin StoilovTesting DFA scan...
2012-01-14 Martin StoilovTesting DFA scan...
2012-01-13 Martin Stoilovwork on DFA convirsion
2012-01-12 Martin Stoilovwork on rexgrep utility program
2012-01-11 Martin Stoilovwork on rexgrep
2012-01-10 Martin Stoilovwork on rexgrep
2012-01-09 Martin Stoilovadded rex library to the build.
2012-01-08 Martin Stoilovbug fixes
2012-01-07 Martin Stoilovwork on NOT char class [^...]
2012-01-06 Martin StoilovFixed rex_state_dump formatting...
2012-01-06 Martin StoilovAdded support for . (any char), added rex_compiler_adde...
2012-01-05 Martin Stoilovadded support for escaped chars
2012-01-05 Martin Stoilovmore work on regex parsing/compilation
2012-01-04 Martin Stoilovwork on regex parsing
2012-01-04 Martin Stoilovwork on regex parsing
2012-01-04 Martin Stoilovwork on regex parsing
2012-01-03 Martin Stoilovwork on regex parsing and compilation
2012-01-03 Martin StoilovWork on rex library
2011-12-21 Martin StoilovMerge branch 'master' of ssh://git.crossrain.com/scm...
2011-12-21 Martin StoilovAdded some quiet cmd switches for rgrep
2011-11-29 Martin Stoilovedit .gitignore
2011-11-29 Martin Stoilovmodified gitignore
2011-11-23 Martin Stoilovdoc changes.
2011-11-23 Martin Stoilovdoc changes
2011-10-18 Martin Stoilovfixed array sort macro
2011-10-17 Martin Stoilovadded r_array_sort
2011-10-11 Martin StoilovAdded wcsize to rpainput_t. Fixed rpa_stat_scan.
2011-10-10 Martin Stoilovfixed scan in line mode
2011-10-10 Martin Stoilovintroduced rpa_grep_matchfound
2011-10-10 Martin Stoilovrgrep return 1 in case of no match.
2011-10-08 Martin Stoilovfixed left recursion record normalization.
2011-09-14 Martin Stoilovfixed cls special chars
2011-09-13 Martin Stoilovfixed special chars in cls ranges.
2011-09-07 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS.
2011-09-07 Martin Stoilovrenamed rpa_stat_fixleftrecursion to rpa_stat_normalize...
2011-09-06 Martin StoilovFixed RJS compiler after changing left recursion record...
2011-09-06 Martin Stoilovrefining the left recursion rparecord_t AST generation
2011-09-02 Martin StoilovBuild system cleanup...
2011-09-02 Martin StoilovBuild system cleanup...
2011-08-27 Martin Stoilovadded common build config file for the unix build system.
2011-08-27 Martin StoilovWork on RJS implementation ...
2011-08-26 Martin StoilovChanged the function call model in RJS.
2011-08-26 Martin StoilovRJS prop access changes... continued.
2011-08-25 Martin StoilovRJS prop access changes...
2011-08-23 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS object system...
2011-08-23 Martin StoilovRJS changes...
2011-08-22 Martin Stoilovdocumentation changes
2011-08-22 Martin Stoilovdocumentation changes
2011-08-21 Martin StoilovMoved all extended operations/operators from RVM to...
2011-08-07 Martin Stoilovwork on RJS object system
2011-08-06 Martin Stoilovusing strings allocated once at compile time.
2011-08-06 Martin Stoilovchanged the return value to unsinged long for rcarray_t.
2011-08-06 Martin Stoilovadded dynamic data support to rvm_codegen_t
2011-08-05 Martin StoilovRJS: Implemented switch() { } statement