To build the source tree and install on Linux:

# cd rpatk/build/unix/ARCH_DIR
# make BLDCFG=release
# sudo make install

Add the path to Rpa/Tk headers:


To link your application to the Rpa/Tk libraries on Linux add the following link options:

-lrpa -lrvm -lrex -lrlib -lm

'-lm' at the end is the system math library, so make sure it is installed on your system. RVM uses some math functions from the system math library, that is why you need to add '-lm' to link the math library to your project in addition to the Rpa/Tk libraries:

To build the PHP extension on Linux:

# cd rpatk/phpext/prpa
# phpize
# ./configure
# make
# sudo make install

Add the PHP extension to your php.ini