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rexdb_s Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

robject_t obj
rexdb_type_t type
struct rexcompiler_s * co
rarray_t * states
rarray_t * substates

Detailed Description

Define the rexdb_t type. This structure is used to create and manage the states of the finite automata (NFA or DFA depending on the type). If the automaton is DFA the sub-states member will contain information about the NFA states that produced this DFA.



Member Data Documentation

struct rexcompiler_s* rexdb_s::co

Pointer to a compiler object used for the parsing of regular expression string and turning it into NFA states.

robject_t rexdb_s::obj

Base class

rarray_t* rexdb_s::states

Array holding all the states of the automata

rarray_t* rexdb_s::substates

Used only if the type is REXDB_TYPE_DFA.

Automata type NFA or DFA

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